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Irfan Shahzad Takalvi, head of Policy Pak and Eurasain Century Institute, participated and spoke in online international conference on Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) organized by Academy of Commerce of Yunnan Province of China, as part of China-South Asia Expo and Kunming Import and Export Fair, 2020.

Mr. Irfan, in his presentation, noted that “the signing of agreement for Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) between 15 countries of the Asia Pacific Region is not only the greatest news coming during this challenging time [of COVID-19] for the world; but it is also one of the most important positive developments of 21st Century so far.”

He asserted that “it [RCEP] starts the journey towards broad-based and multidimensional integration process on the world’s largest and most populous continent.”

He highlighted that RCEP’s contribution towards Asia Pacific’s GDP growth and trade volumes would be enormous, much more than estimated at the moment. Mr. Takalvi also hoped that more countries would join the arrangement in months and years ahead. He also expressed that Yunnan province – sharing direct borders with three RCEP member countries – stands to gain immensely, attracting investment from within China and abroad, and also increasing its output and external trade volume – ultimately leading to faster development and improved quality of life.

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