On August 14, 2020 Pakistan completed 73 full years of its existence as an independent state. As is well-known, these past over seven decades’ period has witnessed a number of vicissitudes of time – from good to the best and bad to the worst – happening on the internal and external fronts of the country. That is nothing but natural for any nation or entity. Yet, overall, it would not be wrong to say, the country remains far short of what the founding fathers had envisioned for it to achieve in such a period. The past, however, is past. It the present and even more importantly the future that can be, and must be, shaped, according to the best interests of the country and its people.

Pakistan, the sixth most populous nation on the face of the earth and rich in natural resources, must be aiming to get itself placed amongst the top notch nations of the world, in all respects of national and human development, by the time a century of its existence is completed, in 2047.

Project “Pakistan 2047” aims at involving some of the brightest minds of the country to come forward and share / express their vision as to how the Pakistan of 2047 should look like. The main thrust of the project – Pakistan at 100, so to say – is a thorough nationwide intellectual debate on the strategies in the short, medium and long term that the country should adopt over next 27 years, from 2021 to 2047. Policy Pak aims to involve 47 people from Pakistan’s top most intellectuals to help draw a desired picture of Pakistan of 2047 and a roadmap towards the Pakistani centenary. Cross-sectoral, multidisciplinary approach will be adopted and all major shades of opinion in Pakistan will be represented. Lectures, talks with some of these 47 intellectuals would also be arranged.

The outcome of the project will be a published volume to come to the fore in the first quarter of 2021.

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