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A delegation of Eurasian Century Institute Islamabad (ECI) visited the Embassy of Uzbekistan, Islamabad on September 29, 2020, and held a detailed, candid meeting with Chargé d’affaires H.E. Saadullah on bilateral relations between Pakistan and Uzbekistan, regional connectivity, and importantly furthering research collaboration.

During the meeting Chargé d’affaires also shed light on available trade and economic opportunities between Tashkent and Islamabad. He emphasized that there is a need to materialize and implement the existing agreements. The two countries’ interests in Afghanistan are aligned, both countries ask for a peaceful solution of the Afghanistan issue, and determine to facilitate and support “ dialogue for peace in Afghanistan.

Uzbekistan and Pakistan relations are cordial, historically and culturally deep-rooted therefore, the foundation has already placed both parties required to build upon it further for a better tomorrow.

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